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Logo - Branding

Anyone can design a logo, true. Anyone can build a brand, true. If you believe in that then this isn't the place for you. Dalley is about conjuring the greatest brands off simple ideas and working with amazing people who believe in their ideas as great and because we believe in their ideas as well, we provide them with the greatest designers.

Website Design

In a digital age, the importance of clear conveyance can't be overemphasized. With a great website you stand in the right place to effectively convey your brand, even more we've got you covered for the content development as well as management. Dalley takes full responsibility for directing and managing all projects, so you are in good hands, start now and enjoy the ride.


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    Tell us what you want and based off that we pair you with a designer

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    You receive a secured link for effortless payment of a small percentage to secure initiation of your project, at this stage you can request a regular update on work in progress.

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    Refundable payment

    What if I don't like the design?...Well, that's very unlikely, but if it does happen, we'll reassign your project to another designer free of charge, until we meet your satisfaction. Otherwise you can request a refund of your payment.

Dalley has served some of the greatest businesses in Nigeria

Here are some amazing businesses with the most innovative ideas we have created and/or elevated with our designs.

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Ideas are the foundation of creation and innovation of the world around us, sadly ideas are cheap. It takes a great designer to give value to our thoughts and convert them into the visual world as profound as they exist in our minds. To this end, we made Dalley.

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